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For The Golden Cabinet, the town mansion of the former Antwerp mayor and arts patron Nicolaas Rockox (1560-1640) has been transformed into an opulent art cabinet containing showpieces from the collection of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp as well as the core collection of the Rockox House Museum. The exhibition offers visitors an impression of a private art collection in Antwerp’s Golden Age.

Stroll through the rooms of The Golden Cabinet with your smartphone or tablet, and gain quick and easy access to information about all the items on show. Zoom in for close-up views of paintings and sculptures. Select your favourite pieces before, during or after your visit and compile your own private collection, just like Nicolaas Rockox did throughout his life.

If you launch the webapp from a pc or laptop at home, you can arrange your favourite paintings and objects in your personal art cabinet using a picture of your own living room, dining room or even bathroom. There are attractive monthly prizes to be won for the best cabinets.

Power Flower. Floral still lifes in the Low Countries
From 28 November 2015 to 27 March 2016

This is the fifth in a series of small-scale exhibitions organised as part of the Golden Cabinet initiative. Since time immemorial, art in Flanders, Brabant and Holland has been characterised by incisive observation of nature and the quest for naturalness. Despite that, until into the 16th century, plants and flowers were only to be seen adorning the margins of illustrations depicting saints in books of hours. The flourishing interest in the botanical world and the burgeoning fondness for things natural prompted early 17th century artists to regard bouquets of flowers as a self-contained motif. It was a period in which artists were totally spellbound by the 'Power Flower' and were to be for many years to come.


A mini-documentary shows you how this unique exhibition came to be. Museum curators Hildegard Van de Velde (Rockox House Museum) and Nico Van Hout (KMSKA) tell you more about Nicolaas Rockox, collecting art in the low countries, the title of the exhibition and the painting A collection by Frans Francken II.


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