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Philips van Valckenisse I (1554-1614), Lord of Hemiksem, was captain of the Antwerp militia and a great lover of and dealer in art. He had no less than 468 paintings, half of which he integrated into his house in the Minderbroedersstraat in Antwerp, the other half – chiefly copies after originals – being stored in various depots. A number of his album’s inscribers congratulated him on his elevation to the Lordship of Hemiksem.

The dual use of a friends’ book could also extend over generations and here we see the album being passed by Philips I to his son Philips II (1596-1665), a graduate in Roman and canon law, town clerk of Antwerp and antiquary, who in turn passed it on to his own son Andreas (1630-1701), who likewise became town clerk of Antwerp.
Owner: The Valckenisse family (Philips I, Philips II and Andreas Valckenisse)
Time span: Dedications dated from 1595 to 1702
Material: Manuscript on paper, contemporary calfskin binding with blind stamping
Collection: Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels
Inventory number: HSII1688
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